In a world full of barriers, building bridges between cultures is often linked with fear, caution and sometimes even rejection. That´s why this film has been made: it shows that sometimes it only takes a few steps towards other people to establish wonderful friendships. Why not start by sharing something personal? Why not start by inviting them to your living room, to talk, to laugh, to exchange. All that sitting on a #couch?

When you actually have the chance to meet people and talk to them and understand who they are and hear their story. It raises so many of those differences. And that's what I think is important. It helps make the big world smaller.

Alan, my host from the US

Travelling around the globe, from couch to couch

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Being a trained editor allowed me to cut the film without any additional costs. However, I’ve now reached the point where I need your help to finish the remaining steps like film music, audio mixing, color correction and design.

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