Every friend was once a stranger - Rishav, my host from India
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Couch Connections

I took a nine-month journey through North America and Asia. Staying in hostels was a rare alternative. What I did instead was sleeping in complete strangers’ living rooms – Couchsurfing is the concept behind this. A journey like this has an impact not only on the traveler, but also on the hosts and the new acquaintances. One of the most authentic documentaries will allow to capture these experiences forever – COUCH CONNECTIONS.

Therefore, the main focus of the film is on the people which participate in Couchsurfing and their great diversity. My hosts couldn’t have been more different from one another: from a 21-year-old student in a student dorm, to a family in which three generations take part in Couchsurfing, to a nudist in Manhattan and a transgender in Bangkok.

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Travelling around the globe, from couch to couch

Meet my hosts

Couchsurfing is a really cool way to realize that the world actually isn't this big bad place. There is really wonderful people out there.

Tiffany, my host from Canada


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